Learn the secretS of accurate, reliable and valid student grading and reporting.


We understand your frustration.

Dr. Anne Davies was inspired to create Building An Assessment Plan by her experiences as a teacher - and then later, her experiences supporting other teachers, to be confident and ready for grading, reporting and meeting with parents.


No two students are alike.

What’s more, every course and every subject area at every grade level has different learning outcomes, standards or expectations and each one requires different body of evidence of learning. And, as students show proof of their learning, the potential evidence of learning expands even more.

Teachers need a plan if they want to do a great job AND have a life.

Building An Assessment Plan is the solution that helps you plan to gather the right evidence for the competencies, learning outcomes, standards or expectations, or the concepts you are responsible for teaching and collecting reliable and valid evidence of learning for, given your grade level and subject area.

What is Building An Assessment Plan?

Building An Assessment Plan is a six module online course, with directions for individuals and facilitators, handouts, readings and videos.

Building An Assessment Plan walks you through these steps:

  • Describing the learning destination,
  • Deciding reliable and valid evidence of learning,
  • Thinking through quality and proficiency, and
  • Defining quality and achievement for evaluation.

Module 1:

Introduction and Overview

Introduction and Overview

Get started by learning about the elements of comprehensive classroom assessment and practice identifying possible evidence related to a specific outcome or standard.

Module 2:

Beginning With the End in Mind

Beginning With the End in Mind

Focus on the first step of building an assessment plan - developing a clear description for the learning destination, so that you are not the only one who understands it - students, parents and guardians understand it too!


"Sandra Herbst was fantastic at our conference. Her sessions were very popular amongst participants and the feedback has been extremely positive. Her sessions got to the heart of the matter for us with respect to assessment. She challenged thinking and caused many to reflect on their assessment practices. "

Paul Rose, School Development & Assessment: Western School District, Newfoundland

Each module helps you put ideas into practice

We have designed all six modules so you can apply the learning in your classrooms. They each include videos (with transcripts), hand-selected readings and audio from our best-selling book "Making Classroom Assessment Work," actions to take, and extended learning suggestions.

This course is one of our most popular workshops

We've traveled all over North America helping educators and teams build assessment plans and we wanted to make it accessible to everyone. So we're excited to be a part of your journey by bringing this workshop online for you.

Meet your instructors

Anne Davies, PhD, President, connect2learning
Anne is an acclaimed educator, consultant, author of more than 30 books, and a keynote speaker. She embodies the connect2learning philosophy to honour every individual’s abilities and means of expression, and inspires others with her tireless energy and relentless curiosity.

Sandra Herbst, Senior Associate, connect2learning
As a former elementary, secondary and specialist teacher, school leader, assistant superintendent and advisor to Ministries of Education, Sandra has developed a uniquely qualified viewpoint on leadership and pedagogical practices.

What our participants have said...

We’ve enjoyed working with clients around the world – from small schools to large regional districts and governement. Whether it has been supporting educators in elementary or secondary schools, assisting graduates or faculty in post-secondary, or providing services in French, we’re able to meet the ever changing complex needs of the people we work with.

Over the last twenty plus years I have heard many educators speak on many topics but Anne has that added edge of 'sparkle' that captivates her audience! All I can say is WOW! It was not only a 'homerun' but she cleared the 'ball' out of the ballpark! Simply put... it was a gift to have Anne with us!"

Derrick Mohamed, Junior High Principal:

Glenmore Christian Academy, Calgary, AB

"Anne, your impact is greater than you know on so many levels. You reminded me how important it is to respect our learners. You allowed me to not only see and hear what Assessment for Learning looks and sounds like, but more importantly, what it FEELS like! Safe, respectful, self-motivating, reflective."

Lisa West, Curriculum Consultant:

York Region DSB, ON

"With the help of Anne and her team of resource people, we were able to develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of Assessment for Learning in our school district. Using her excellent resources, particularly the book, Making Classroom Assessment Work, Anne did a masterful job of engaging her audience and encouraging them to commit to work that they would do in the future."

Hugh Gloster, Superintendent:

Central Okanagan School District #23, BC

Give your students the evaluation they deserve

Your students are going to grow and achieve, thanks to you. You need a classroom assessment system that helps you achieve that AND gets you ready to do report cards and respond to parent questions. Building An Assessment Plan gives you the insights and tools you need so you feel confident!

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